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Ohio House Bill 487 and the New Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

   On June 11, Governor Kasich signed Amended Substitute House Bill 487 (titled Mid-Biennium Review Management Efficiency Plan) into law.  HB 487 provides, in part, for the elimination of the State Architect’s office and the creation of a new Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (“OFCC”). The State Architect’s office was formed almost a century for the purpose of building and maintaining Ohio’s canals and transportation system.  With the passage of HB 487, the State Architect’s office will be subsumed under the OFCC whose role will be to administer the design and construction of improvements to public facilities of the State of Ohio. Read More ›

Ohio House Bill 153 and Public Construction Reform

On June 30, 2011, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law HB 153, the biennial budget legislation, which includes significant reforms to Ohio’s public construction laws.  Although the construction reforms set forth in HB 153 will take effect September 30th, there are a number of rules that the Department of Administrative Services (“DAS”) must issue pursuant to HB 153.  And it will be difficult to fully appreciate the impact of HB 153 until those rules have been issued. Below is a summary of significant provisions from the legislation:

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Mandatory Transition to 2007 AIA Contract Documents Set for May 31, 2009

The widely used construction industry contracts and forms produced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) underwent major revisions with the release of the 2007 contract documents. The AIA documents are revised approximately once every 10 years, and the 2007 revisions relate to more than 40 revised, updated, or new documents including some new Owner/Architect agreements (B101, B102, B103, B104) and the traditional Owner/Contractor/Subcontractor agreements (A101, A102, A103, A107, A201, A401). Notwithstanding these updates, there are still many AIA contract documents which pre-date 2007 and can continue to be used (A101/CMa-1992, B141-1997, etc.). Read More ›

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